About Us

Dasso group, founded in 1993, is the global leader and innovator in bamboo industry. With over 25 years’ history in bamboo products production, now we have 8 manufacture facilities and over 1000 employees. And now Hangzhou Dasuo Technology co., ltd is one of companies in Dasso brand which is committed to supplying the most innovative products and reliable service to our clients worldwide. Due to our constant devotion to new product development, now we have more than 60 patents in worldwide markets and each year, we will have new products and present to the customers. Dasso was invited with honor by Chinese government to draft the National Criteria of Bamboo Flooring for bamboo industry in China.

We have a wide product lines, ranging from indoor bamboo flooring to outdoor collections, saying decking, wall cladding, furniture board and fencing etc... “DassoXTR” and Ecosolid are key patent bamboo products; With the patented production process, “DassoXTR” is mainly used for outdoor decking, wall cladding and fencing etc.., and it is extremely outstanding in terms of hardness, dimension stability, anti-termite, anti-corrosion etc… While “Ecosolid” is another amazing patented bamboo flooring mainly for indoor use, by making a whole piece of bamboo into flat by our unique technology, which wins good reputation from customers internationally.

You are more than welcome if any questions about our company or our products.