Dasso XTR Maintenance Manual

1. Introduction

Dasso high resistance XTR changing situation after installed: Dasso high resistance XTR is natural material, the material surface will be weathered (see NuoHua model room), influenced by the outdoor weather conditions (such as ultraviolet light, humidity, etc). This variation formed in about a year and will be maintain the same shape in the next decade or even longer. Then simply use a damp cloth in daily cleaning to remove surface dust and dirt can help to maintain the shape; Maintenance every year to keep the original state, the basic method please refer to the following maintenance methods.



2. Maintenance Background


Outdoor Oil, Water Mixable Outdoor Oil, Water Mixable outdoor lacquer will gradually aging, become weaker protection after prolonged outdoor exposure.


To extend the usage life, recommend to remove the old paint and re-paint them.




DassoXTR Maintance.docx

Indoor maintenance.pdf

Ecosolid maintenance.pdf